How to stop MTN play or learn English messages – 4 best tips for Nigerians

It’s true, MTN play messages can be pretty annoying. Learn how to stop them and stop paying for them or stop the spam.

There are plenty of services on a mobile phone, which can be very useful. We can download various applications and other things like that. They allow us finding out information about news, weather, spots, and many other facilities. Mobile operators often provide great number of opportunities to get the information we need. However, it happens that their messages get annoying. That’s why many people want to know how to stop MTN play messages, as this is one of the most widespread providers –

There are several means how to unsubscribe from MTN play. The reasons why people want to do it can also be different.

Useful information

First of all, let’s figure out why there are those, who are not looking for a way how to cancel MTN play on their cell phone. Probably that is obvious, but my MTN play helps me to get all the information I may need, including the following:

Music. Both ringtones and full tracks are available. Besides, you can select your favorite style or genre – they provide large variety of them.

Sport. There are lots of interesting things about football or soccer. There are also special subscriptions (such as for basketball or Formula 1). MTN sports news is also present.

Games. Here again all the genres are available, among which you will find action, racing, sports, puzzles, etc. You can get familiar with top downloads and to find out what is popular right now among the other users.

Entertainment. In this section, there is an impressive choice. Everything depends on your interests and preferences. There is information about fashion, celebrities, animation, cinema, and so on.

News. For business people this is inevitable. You can have all the recent data in your gadget.

Love tips. Wonderful quotes, wallpapers, and other cute things are in this category. You can get them for a small charge.

Religion. Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, you can find something useful and exciting for you.

You can find plenty of other interesting and helpful things. It is even possible to learn English. There is special Education Bundle, allowing MTN Elearning. That’s why think everything over before to start looking for how to stop MTN play messages.

Reasons to unsubscribe from MTN play

As we have said, there might be various reasons to unsubscribe MTN play. The most common are:

Frequency. Sometimes people are busy, but they keep receiving sms too often. It might be quite annoying and can distract from work or study.

Money. There are those, who want to stop MTN play, because all the services it offers must be paid. You may be out of money or just are not ready to pay for something you do not really need.

Lack of interest. A person may just not be keen on the data s/he gets. In order to clean your phone it is advisable to disconnect from the services.

How to stop MTN messages

There are a few methods to unsubscribe from MTN services.They include the following:

  • Via website. Open their page and choose an appropriate category in MTN menu. You will need My MTN Play. Fill in the lines with your personal data and log in. After this, select My Subscriptions in the list above. Thus, you will be able to see all the services you have. Click on the service and then choose Unsubscribe. So, you are done. No money will be taken from you anymore. You can do this either with your device or with a laptop/computer.
  • Customer Care. When you have no opportunity to use the Internet right now, then there is another way. Call to MTN service. You can use the numbers 180 or 181. However, it is advisable to know all the personal information on your account. Thus, the customer support officer could identify you.
  • SMS. Sometimes people consider it the easiest way. It would be true, although, there are subscriptions, which require special codes to unsubscribe. It is hard enough to learn all of them by heart. You may try to send STOP ALL or CANCEL ALL to the number 700. It usually works, but it is better to check it on the Internet later or call the provider. Moreover, a person will probably want to cancel just one or two subscriptions and not all of them.
  • E-mail. Here you will need Internet connection again. Write to their customer support using the addresses or It is mostly necessary when you have some problems with cancelation of any service.

These are the most common ways that you can apply. All of them are quite simple. Still the most effective is thought to be MTN menu on their website. READ ALSO: How to share data on MTN in Nigeria.

Nowadays people use their phones not only for communication. There are a lot of services and application that assist us and help us to be up-to-date. However, sometimes we need a break or just get tired of receiving messages and paying extra money. In this case, you can always unsubscribe from the MTN play by means of the offered instructions. You can either refuse of all of them or just of some. It is up to you to decide. And do not forget that everything is chargeable.


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